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    John Deere 1130

    Just bought a 197x? Model 1130. Picking it up this weekend. Brakes dont work. Starts and runs good. I'm needing the repair manual and how to check/bleed the brakes. Hobbyist mechanic so I have the skills and most tools.

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    Amazon has ITC manuals for around $20-$30. Ebay may have actual service manuals. Yet the ITC manuals may be all you need. Also contact your local John Deere dealer as they do still have listings for your tractor for books as well as parts. Depending on the age of the shop for service, they might even part with the service manual they have that is collecting dust.

    Looking at your pictures. The PTO seal on the back appears to be leaking and you may want to consider it in one of your maintenance things to do. Farm tractors will like it better if you have tri-rib tires on the front end. I see some one has replaced a front tire with one usually for a pickup. This is fine if you are using it mostly for parades and light duty work. Yet a tri-rib tire allows you to turn in soft dirt, road tires wont grip and when you attempt to turn they will lose traction and the tractor will try to keep going forward instead of turning.

    One last thing? Welcome to the forums. Why not post a hello up in the new members area and tell us about yourself. There are no wrong questions here, so dont be afraid to ask. A teacher of mine once said "the only real wrong question is the one that is never asked".
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    RacerX, you have a fairly straight 1130 there.

    For a parts listing for your tractor, follow the following steps:
    Go to
    Select "Parts"
    Select "Purchase Parts"
    Select "Find Your Part Number" Enter your model number eg 1130 and the contents page pops up.

    If you select "Order on JD Parts", you can set up an online account with your local John Deere agency where pricing and availability can be seen.
    I use this feature to look for parts for my 4040 that I am restoring.

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