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    That time of the year....

    My tractor had its last ride for the year. Our days have chilled and so I parked my tractor and drained the coolant. Wife was amazed it held 8 gallons. Now I get to take the clutch fork out of the side of the tractor and see what I can do about repairing it. When I first got the tractor the handle wiggled about 6 inches. I took some of the slop out by drilling out some of the holes and replacing with larger pins.
    Now the problem seems to be internal. The handle now has about 18" of travel, to the point that when the handle flops to the rear of engaged it wears the pulley brake. I also have a oil drip there that I plan on looking into. If anything I may put the shaft into the lathe and cut an O-ring groove with the parting tool. Some where it was taught to me (75% for the groove, and 25% for contact?) for the appropriate amount of O-ring contact for a proper seal.

    This thread I will use to post what I am doing and have discovered.

    As you can see my toolbox has an interesting eclectic array of new and old wrenches. That is the adjustable wrench drawer. Modern day crescent wrenches. The black handle is for a early type crescent wrench with an curved handle with very wide jaws. A couple of different (what my Dad called) monkey wrenches. As well as 2 pipe wrenches.

    To the repair on the above, I found the hole could not be drilled. So I loped off the hardened end and welded on something I spun in the lathe. It is better than new.
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