Funny story and then I'll ask my question. I attached a post hole auger to my MT to try out the hydraulics. I tested it out and pushed slightly down on the lever and the ground is so soft with the rain the auger sucked itself all the way down in the ground and the engine stalled with my auger stuck all the way down in the ground! That is the definition of a pickle. Fortunately I was able to extract auger lifting it with my backhoe or I would have really been screwed!

My question... Is there a way to adjust the feel and responsiveness of these hydraulics. They work well up/down, but seem to not have any middle ground. Right now it is set up for one lever controls both sides of the hitch. The lever when pulled up, the tool (in this case a post hole auger) goes all the way up or all the way down with a very small movement of the lever. It is very hard to set the height of the tool due to this narrow "window". Fluid levels are good and new fluid made no difference. Maybe a heavier fluid or adjustment screw ?

Thanks ahead