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    TrailMaster 300 XRX - Wire Issues (based on Yamaha Majesty, from BV PowerSports)

    Hello all,

    Just wondering if anyone has come across this unit or a problem similar to mine and has some advice.

    The (BV PowerSports) TrailMaster 300 XRX is a 300cc mini buggy that uses a Yamaha engine based off the Majesty scooter. BV PS bought up the 276cc engines and bored them to 300cc, then created this. Here is the engine label:

    It came about 85% assembled last week. The engine/tranny/brakes/ignition/wires/cooling, all the big stuff was already done. We literally just bolted the wheels, roll cage and hooked the gas tank to the carb and manifold (vacuum based), changed coolant and oil, trickle charged the battery and was done. Or so we thought.

    The buggy wouldn't start. We checked everything common on the engine and long story short, wires are the issue. Some of the cheap plastic connections were just bad and dielectric grease or bending the male/female connections didn't solve it. So the wires were stripped and crimped, no more issue with those.

    That brings me to the wires entering the magnetor/flywheel assembly:


    The wires going in were not all glued properly in their grommet (the whites weren't at all). Just touching the white wires would instantly stop the engine. We drained the oil and opened it up. It was immediately obvious the flywheel was hitting the wire bundle and this was the problem:


    I can't believe there's no bracket holding the bundle back safely away from the flywheel but the damage speaks for itself. My small engine guy pushed the white (unglued) wires into the black grommet and noticed it bent the bundle away from the danger zone. That left us to believe that just pushing these wires in enough and gluing them into the grommet was actually their 'great idea' for how to handle this.

    Since there's oil in there we couldn't think of a way to safely keep the wire back. Does it look like it's missing a bracket in there or has anyone seen anything like this before?

    Just FWIW the buggy was purchased new. Amusingly BV PowerSports's site got hacked and has been down but the TrailMaster 300 XRX owners guide and parts guide (that shows assembly info) can be found by clicking here and looking for the proper model.

    I already have them sending me a new flywheel assembly and a full backup wire harness for all the trouble. If we go put it in and it doesn't contain anything to keep this wire away from the flywheel I can only anticipate it's going to happen again.

    Lastly, after we wire tied the white wires in deep enough where we knew it was bent away from danger, we tried driving the buggy after reassembling it. It drove perfectly fine (even jiggling wires) as long as the wire tie kept the bundle from hitting the flywheel. Although (sigh) after about a minute it ended up just dieing 100%. Previously it always used to at least turn the starter upon ignition, we just couldn't keep the engine running due to the wire issues. Now it's 100% dead and I know the battery is charged. Here is a really cruddy dark video of it driving down the dead end street (not that you can see it) and it coming back, trying to do a 3 point turn in the street. As soon as it's put in reverse, the tranny engages and starts to back up but the buggy dies immediately. Ignition does nothing. Any idea what would do that?

    Thanks for any advice! I'm really in over my head..
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