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    We Just Needed a Laugh Today

    Miss Joanne and I needed a few food staples this afternoon and went to a couple of food stores . Upon arrival at both places I noticed that the parking lots were nearly full. There were few shopping carts to be had. The aisles were full of shoppers.

    We got our few items and went to very long checkout lines.

    While waiting I asked Miss Joanne "is it supposed to snow tomorrow"? "Did we miss the forecast"? I thougt it to be an appropriate question since this is what happens when the hint of bad winter weather may come our way.

    A lady in front of me turned to answer my question, but I already knew the answer. She, then the folks behind us reminded us that the Super Bowl was scheduled for tomorrow. Yes, I replied that I knew that, and I have known it for a year. "Folks have known about it for a whole year, and have had a year to prepare for it" I said with a chuckle at the end. We also talked about the ball tampering fiasco while we waited.

    On the radio news a bit ago, it was reported that more food will be consumed in the US tomorrow than any other day of the year except Thanksgiving. I'm not against football or having a good time with family and friends, but in reality, it would be great if folks took everyday life and their responsibilities as seriously as they do when partying?
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    Wife and I also went shopping yesterday with the same full parking lots and long lines. We are suppose to get snow here but the Superbowl has a lot to do with it. As a boarder city, Windsor and surrounding area follow American football and with Seahawks Luke Wilson from Lasalle, a town just outside Windsor, there is a lot of fans that will be partying.

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    I agree Jim, I can never understand why people wait until the last minute when you already have plenty of warning of an upcoming event. These folks seem to like creating, and then having to stand in, long lines.

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    So that explains it. I had to stop yesterday and grab a couple of things. I did notice busy they were but never thought anything about it.
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    I didn't go out yesterday, except to come home from the hospital, but the roads were pretty well packed in areas that usually aren't. Guess they were all heading to Sams or Costco for supplies!!
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