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Thread: Alomst Skunked!

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    Alomst Skunked!

    I stopped to open a pasture gate to feed the cows this evening and almost stepped on a skunk. I was looking ahead as I drove to the gate and did not see the varmint. It paid no attention to me and began digging in the yard. I scurried into the house and got an appropriate tool for the job of speeding up its demise. If I had used the one I was carrying, I'd been picking up pieces of it.

    With rabies being an ongoing problem here among wild critters, seeing a skunk out and about about 2 hours before dark is a sure sign of something not quite right. Anyway, with all our mud from the snow it was easy to dig a hole and properly dispose of it.

    Another odd thing is that there was no skunk smell at all. It never released anything, while we were dancing or afterwards. I thought that was unusual too, but I'll take it.
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