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    ford 9n engine block

    Ive been looking for an inexpensive tractor to do some work at my place and came across a 9n with loader for $700 but it has a cracked block. Said it ran good when parked, so i assume it froze and cracked the block. Would like anyone's opinion on if the bkocks can be welded, or how difficult it would Be And how expensive a replacement would be. Thanks for any help.

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    It would depend on where the block was cracked. If externally you might be able to fix it with JB Weld. Just groove out the crack and drill a hole at each end to keep it from cracking further. I have one i repaired a few years ago like this and it's still working. replace blocks are easy to find and might be cheaper than having it professionally welded. I have had and seen some nasty looking welding jobs on some old tractors that are still running today.


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