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    Red face July 4th

    July 4thwas always a lazy day as I was growing up in on a mid Michigan farm. We woulddo the morning chores of milking the cows then taking them to the day pasture.We would empty the stock tank and refill it with fresh water cold from the wellthen put a watermelon in it that dad hadbought the day before from a produce stand. With that finished we would dressin out Sunday go to meeting duds and go to town to see the parade, back thenWWI and WWII and Korean vets would march with the VFW of American Legion group.If there was a election in the near future there would be many local candidate’sriding in the back of a Convertible provided by a local dealer ship. Of coursethere would be boy scouts girl scouts and all the little ones like cubs andbrownies. They were kids on decorated bikes and farm equipment dealers paradingsome of the equipment they sold. After the parade we would go to the fairgroundswhere there were a lot of farm community activity’s going on, horse shoe pitchingcontest was a pretty big one with many teams entered. My dad used to pitch somewith his brother; they normally would end up somewhere in the top 10 but bothhad a horse shoe pit at home they practices a lot at. We also would find aempty picnic table and have a feed made up by my mom and aunt of fried chickenpotato salad and other summer foods topped off with that ice cold melon fromthe stock tank and wrapped in burlap. Just about 3:00 PM dad would head off tothe grandstands with us boys in tow to watch the horse pulls.Back when I was a boy many farmers still kepta team even though everyone had a tractor or two. We would rush home after thehorse pulls and do the evening milking then rush back to town to see the fireworks.
    I got drafted in 1966 and was sent to VietNam, sort oflost my patriotic side as Isaw how the leaders of our country was running the war almost like it was a wayto control the male population of our country. Still got a lump in the throat when the flag wentby during a parade and the anthem still means some to me but I know longer havethe pride I once did and stopped doing the normal July 4th stuff wedid as kids.
    I got a jobin the cities when I got out of the service. We got the 4th of Julyoff if it was during the work week. I worked with a guy whose brother workedfor Stroths Beer Company who always got a bunch of tickets to tiger games inthe summer. He would give some to the guy I worked for who would give me a pairfor the 4th. I would have my dad come down and go to the game withmy friend Ernie and I, They always managed to lose too but it was time with dadwho enjoyed the game just as if they would have one.


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