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Thread: clutch plates

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    clutch plates

    my clutch is slipping really bad on my 1946 A , I have very little power it would'nt go over the little bump at the barn door to get it inside,without a running start. So I figured it was time to do a little adjustment.
    After a closer look I removed the 3 bolts on the adjusting disk and then the 5/8 bolt and washer that holds the Fixed clutch drive disk on,,
    1. the clutch plate are .140 and very glass like,I fug. I'd replace them
    2. the fixed clutch drive disk has shims in the splines, to much wear and fixed in the past ?
    3. it has the "V" on the drive disk and the shaft for line up, If I pull it and buy a replacement drive disk will it have the "V" stamp and does the "V" mean its balanced ?
    Both the clutch disk and the drive disk have a very glazed or glass like look to them thats why I think they need to be replace.
    what do you think?

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    According to my manual for the 60 I no longer own, they say to replace the clutch wear discs if you can flex them. Flexing willl occur around 0.0938 thickness. New ones are about 0.150". Its your money if you want to throw out perfectly good friction discs with little wear. The problem may more than likely be in soft springs. Since you have it apart this far you may as well get it apart the rest of the way and inspect the dogs at the back of the pulley. They should be rounded and not have flat spots on them.

    When you took that apart? Did you bother to count how many threads were sticking out of the nut? That will help at reassembly. What I found out from the wisdom of the board here, the three 5/8" nuts have to be tightened evenly. Otherwise the clutch will not function correctly.

    This video will help with the rebuild.


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