front mount distrubutor... do I have a 12 volt or 6 volt coil?
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    front mount distrubutor... do I have a 12 volt or 6 volt coil?

    I got the new distributor cap installed on my 1948 8n, and repaired the plug wires. The tractor has a 12 volt battery in it but doesn't have the conversion kit installed, original generator still in place. (I know... bad juju probably, it was that way when I got it)...

    Points in this distrubutor look very good; no pitting, all was clean, as if it had been re-done recently. The fellow I got the tractor from had put plug wires on it, and the ends were not installed correctly... one wire had arced until that port on the distributor cap was blackened, and probably not firing. The tractor had been driven close to 20 miles when the man I got it from drove it home after he bought it. 20 miles with the 12 volt battery installed.

    The tractor was sputtering and missing a lot before I worked on it today.

    Once a new distributor cap was installed, and the points were set correctly (there was almost NO GAP in those points; it's hard to believe it was firing at all), and I repaired the plug wires (they were Belden wires, in very good condition, only put together wrong)... the tractor started and runs good, all cylinders are firing now.

    My question is this: The ignition coil is a China made product, and looks to have been recently installed. But I can't tell whether it's a 12 volt, or a 6 volt. This tractor doesn't have the 12 volt alternator on it, it's still got the original generator. Previous owner put the 12 volt battery in it, and it has been used just like that for some time. I actually expected to find the points toasted, but they were not. They looked so good, I did not install the new set that I got with the tune up kit.

    Would a 12 volt battery ruin a 6 volt ignition coil, and/or the points? If so, would that mean I've likely got the 12 volt ignition coil? Is there a number on the coil, or some way of finding out whether it's a 6 or 12 volt? I'm trying to decide whether to convert this tractor to 12 volts, or just get a 6 volt battery and fix my generator (which may not even be broken, but I'm guessing it'll need freshening up).

    Any help is appreciated.


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