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    I don’t come here so much anymore. Used to be other sections I liked that are now gone since the new owners came along. A lot of the old members left then too.
    Also got tired of doing a post and no one was replying to it and when I made mention of it was told it as due to every one being sick, wish I would have saved that one.
    I also have a interest in a whole bunch of stuff seems no one has interest in here like specific brands of garden and lawn tractors and chain saws since I burn fire wood to heat my home.That brings into play the wood splitter and the engine on it also.
    I also seem to have a problem typing stuff direct to the forum as letters get skipped and all kinds of crap happens when I go back to try to fix it. So I use a word program then do the copy and paste to get what I want to say here. Which makes for more work on my part.
    I also do not get e mail notification of reply’s to post and you can read the crap I got for an answer when I asked why not above. But No fix was made or offered.
    So I do not come here much at all I check in here every morning before my day gets off to a good start. they have a chain saw section Brands sections for garden and lawn tractors and even hunting and fishing sections.
    Also the Allis forum and garden tractor talk.
    I normally only come here once or twice a month to see what is going on with the Massey Harris people.
    I don't think restoring old iron is dying, I think people are finding better places to hang out specific brand sites and such.

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    I don't frequent this site as often as I should, but I'm afraid that it seems I have much knowledge to gain from being here, and not much to offer in return. I'll take it though, and add what I can, when I can. I've had great help on my recent purchase of a Case 320 backhoe, and have it puttering around and earning it's keep. I guess the biggest thing for us to do is respond to any questions we have put forward in a timely manner, and keep checking the new posts and see what we can offer in the way of help or encouragement and keep it interesting.
    There are a lot of threads covering a multitude of interests and if we do a little exploring, perhaps we'll find a few things to keep our interest up. I just fixed a chainsaw, a gas powered water pump, serviced and test drove my '50 ford, and am hoping to start work on an old 1947 Diamond T truck.... not to mention building a place to put some of this stuff!! I should be posting more often to dazzle you all with these tremendous feats!!

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    This has been an interesting thread to follow since it's inception with some very good comments. I have an interest in all things mechanical and my lifetime career has been in the maintenance area ranging from cars and trucks from the early 60’s when I was a motor mechanic apprentice to today where I am involved in the largest mining equipment available in the area of maintenance planning. I like to offer advice on technical queries where I feel that I can help with and what I have noticed too is that nothing more is often heard from those who have posted these queries.
    Also, I would like to see more members using the photo album feature in this site to show their home area, restorations and other interests. Doesn’t have to be only “antique iron”. That’s my piece for now.

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    I like to say that I was born in the back of a Texaco station with a Snapon wrench in my mouth and raised by grease monkeys! LOL. OK, so I'm fibbing a little, actually I was born in a hospital, but the rest is pretty much true. Those guys who took me under their wing will forever be in my heart, my appreciation for everything they taught me only grows year by year. I have passed that knowledge on to my son and watched as he has only taken what I could teach him and add to it impressively, and so it goes. My back ground was, is, mostly in cars and light trucks and my interest in antique tractors and equipment has mostly been one of economics, there is just no way I could afford to own new, or newer equipment of the type I have been able to accumulate. I have this equipment because I have a need for it and this forum is my first go to for information and advice in the areas I am not familiar with. I have restored many cars, but I still have not restored a tractor, instead I keep them going, well maintained and in as good working order as I can. I look forward to the day when I can actually restore one, maybe when one is down long enough I'll have a go at it.

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    I read more than I reply; I do not try to add unless, I do know what I am referring to.

    Our lives, even in retirement seem to get busier than we want them too.

    I live now in a very urban large house. My wife and I live with one of our sons and family. --Very small lot after the house/garage take it up. I do not have the room to even store or work on even a small farm tractor; or I would have bought one just to fix. I know that if I gad one again --I would not part with it until after my funeral anyway. So I do sawdust instead, but , still keep my interest.
    just rjR

    Let me write about your collection; real or toys. I have a high published to submitted ratio.

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